I’m Arif Martinez, a boy with lots of dream. I don’t know how many of them will come true, but I do know I will follow my heart to wherever it will take me. What do I do? I’m a freelance model, I like modeling, depending upon the work though. If I find a promising opportunity I make sure not to miss it. If you wanna see my portfolio, some of my works are right on the sidebar of the blog. You can see them while you read the short-novels that I write on my free time. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit in here. Have a good day!

  • The photos used in this blog, are exclusive property of Mortuza Alam and myself.
  • If you want to use the photo in some other site, you must ask for permission.
  • Exploiting the photos without permission is highly disapproved.
  • The last photo used is owned by Zebran Navid for his courtesy of capturing me.

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